A natural boost against signs of aging

From the Borojo Pulp, naturally reach in amino-acids and minerals; Reverteam is a remarkable anti-aging active ingredient. Reverteam is able to stimulate the Sirtuins activity and, at the same time, able to inhibit the β-Galactosidase.  In order to extend the skin cell functionality. Moreover Reverteam allow  extracellular matrix regeneration  thanks to the hyaluronic acid synthesis stimulation.

Clinical effects In vivo at 28 days:

71% of the subjects have found their skin to be softer and smoother

76% of the subjects have found their skin to feel firmer and more toned

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Product Description

INCI : Bentonite & Borojoa patinoi extract

Form: powder (preservatives free)

Properties: antioxydant, anti-age, inhibition of cellular senescence, stimulation of the hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Sourcing: South America (Peru, Colombia)


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