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Frametime V2


A natural emulsion stabilizer for cold process

A hybrid material stems from a natural clay and a biomolecule. A technology able to stabilize an emulsion using a cold mechanical process. A  notable gain in terms of time and  energy saving. Frametime grades allow to prepare all kind of emulsion,  from the cleansing milk to the facial cream trough the hair care and the cream shower. A natural skin feel upon the first application.

desert date oil

Desert Date Oil

A precious oil stemming from a responsible and ethical  approach at the heart of Sahel

The Desert Date oil naturally contains a high rate of essential fatty acids associated with unsaponifiables which confers antioxydant, regenerating and repairing properties with regard to the skin and hair. The Desert Date oil provides an unique dry-touch and quick penetratation.

OEDT test v3 low


An efficient and flexible strategy in order to detect endocrine disruptor with estrogenic activity