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Our philosophy


Ephyla is a French company focused mainly on the development of active ingredients and new formulation concepts for the cosmetic industry. The company provides integrated solutions including specific raw materials, proven active ingredients and innovative extraction and production processes.

We focus on what we believe to be the critical points of green cosmetic development.

Sustainable sourcing, green extraction techniques, natural active ingredient design and original formulation solutions are at the very heart of our approach.

We are deeply involved in the early stages of field sourcing in West Africa, Amazonia as well as Western France. We prioritize strong partnerships with local producers with the greatest attention to the long term impact of our involvement. Our team has more than ten years experience in that area. The raw materials selected by Ephyla always follow very strict specifications with regard to environmental management, socio economic impact and product quality management. Our investment in ethical sourcing projects is not just philanthropic. We see it as the best guarantee for long term supply and quality insurance.

The raw materials we select are also the foundation of our research for the development of new natural active ingredients, with proven biological efficacy. Ephyla’s R&D is very much inspired by Biomimicry. It consists in using nature’s genius to solve human problems. The solutions and techniques developed for millions of years in the biggest lab there is, Nature itself, are investigated and implemented to get the best of both Nature and Technology. Our portfolio meets the principal demands of the cosmetic market with original metabolic pathways.

Substitution of conventional ingredients with natural ingredients is probably just the first step of making natural cosmetics a reality. At Ephyla we think a new approach is necessary to allow natural cosmetic to reach there real potential and vie with conventional ones. Our experience led us to be convinced that, when properly designed and formulated, using modern, green chemistry principles, biobased materials are preferable. We think we have to re-design cosmetics, starting with ingredients through formulation up to packaging. An application of this trend of research has been the development of several types of waterless and preservative free product concepts. A truly interdisciplinary approach is the key to solve these multi-factored problems and reach new levels of understanding.

Our raw materials, active ingredients and technical solutions are compatibles with Organic charts.

The company also offers research and consulting services. We provide customized solutions for specific and personalized developments. Ephyla’s interdisciplinary team, comprising biologist, pharmacist, material physicist and biochemist, is dedicated to create innovative solutions and advanced natural technologies.